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2011 Dew Tour at Breckenridge

It was another epic year with amazing conditions for the 2011 Nike Open Dew Tour at Breckenridge Resort in Colorado. The event just finished up semi-finals for the men’s and woman’s slopestyle, and halfpipe events. It was a sunny but very chilly December day, but the riders were ripping.

The days 1st  event was the woman’s halfpipe semi-finals. The event started with 17 ladies, but only six made it to the finals. A few of the top riders were Kaitlyn Farrington throwing a big frontside 7’s, and the always  consistent shredding of China’s Xuetong Cai, be sure to keep an eye on her in upcoming events.

The top 5 riders of the 2011 Dew Tour stop were:

1. Xuetong Cai
2. Kaitlyn Farrington
3. Queralt Castellet
4. Gretchen Bleiler
5. Maddy Schaffrick
6. Kelly Clark

Next up were the gentlemen. These rippers really put on a show. The halfpipe setup was very impressive considering there is not much snow around.

The rumors and whispers going around have been the return of Shaun White to the Dew Tour. Lately, Shaun White has been a very illusive rider, only taking a short practice run, and being reclusive. Many speculate that his riding just isn’t quite as on top as it used to be.

BUT in typical White fashion, he came charging out with huge tricks and got the top spot, it wasn’t with out a fight from IPOD, and Kazu, who each got 2nd and 3ed respectively. The top 9 who are moving on to tomorrow’s finals to ride with Louie Vito, Steve Fisher, and JJ Thomas are:

1. Shaun White
2. Iouri Podlachikov
3. Kazuhiro Kokubo
4. Christian Haller
5. Keito Kumazaki
6. Danny Davis
7. Scotty Lago
8. Luke Mitrani
9. Kohei Kudo

Be sure to check out the finals this weekend and watch all the snowboard halfpipe highlights!

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Cheap Lift Tickets

Plan & Save with Discounted Lift Tickets from Liftopia!

Cheap Lift Tickets

Cheap Lift Tickets

If you’re a dedicated and proactive skier or snowboarder here’s the website for you. Founded in 2005 by Evan Reece and Rob Schneidermann, Liftopia.com offers solid discounts at a rapidly expanding list of resort partners. The website was created due to what the founders perceived as a shift in effective distribution channels for discounted lift tickets. Quite simply, the ease of access of online shopping was seen as a huge advantage over the typical ski shop/grocery store/gas station consignment model.

Currently, Liftopia.com is partnered with over 600 ski resorts offering discounted lift tickets anywhere from 4% to 30% off window prices. Major resorts are represented; big spots in the Northeast like Killington and Sugarbush, Midwest staples like Vail and Telluride, Pacific Northwest destinations Mt Hood and Stevens Pass; and all the way out of the US to Chile, Italy and Argentina. In short, something for everyone in many parts of the globe (some spots in Japan would be welcome, my personal favorite destination). Extra savings on hotel, lift ticket, lesson and rental packages are available as well as summer packages for trail hikes, mountain coasters and the like.

Discount Lift Tickets

Discount Lift Tickets

Too good to be true? Absolutely not, as long as you’re willing to commit to a date. Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable so be sure that you can use the tickets on the date you’ve purchased them for. Only major credit cards are accepted and the tickets are provided in the form of electronic vouchers which must be printed and presented at the ticket window with a valid ID. All prices are represented in US dollars unless noted otherwise. There is also a booking fee per transaction but minimal enough to not impact the savings significantly at all. Ticket deals must be at least one day in advance and bookings appear to go quickly.

Let’s face it, our hobby is not cheap. I’m personally thrilled at any opportunity to save a few bucks that I can put towards another day on the mountain. Liftopia.com is easy to navigate and understand and the deals are very tempting; and more convenient than going to your local shop hoping to find a deal at your destination of choice. Take some time to plan ahead and you’ll be rewarded with a few more dollars in your pocket and a little less hassle when you’re ready to hit the slopes.

Article by: Eric Balshan

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Banshee Bungee – Jibbing More with Less

Snowboarders look at a ledge, a staircase, a handrail or wall as obstacles that should be jibbed, bonked, shredded, and enjoyed while on a snowboard. However, to get speed hit all of these objects you need some type of drop in system, especially when their is no hill slope or the jib is in a tight spot with a limited amount of snow.

Banshee Bungee set out to give snowboarders the opportunity to hit obstacles quickly without the need for a cumbersome drop-in ramp. The Bungee system was created to do exactly what it sounds like, whip riders into their jump or jib.



Stretching over 140 feet, the 20-ft Bungee can launch a snowboarder, or any type of boarder across a flat surface. This is the preferred bungee for skim, skate and snow. You can double the bungee up for more speed, or shorten it in tighter areas by just tying it off around you anchor point. the 20 foot model is the only bungee that will work for water applications.

The 3-strand braided design prevents any harmful snapback, and the vulcanized latex rubber provides up to 7x its length in stretching capabilities. Capable of launch speeds approaching 35 mph, Banshee Bungee beats any drop-in ramp!

This is one of the best items out there for freestyle snowboarders. You can now show up at a jib location and start shredding a lot quicker and with less gear! = Less chance of getting kicked out of spots. This is a must have item! GET IT HERE!

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Shaun White in Winter X-Games Halfpipe

Shaun White does it again. He flys higher +19 feet out of the Superpipe and hucks more difficult double corks to win the 2011 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado this last weekend.

The flying tomato seals the win during his second run and enjoys a victory lap on his third and final run, showing off his style and comfortability in the halfpipe. Shaun seems untouchable in the halfpipe these days, but Scotty Lago and Louie Vito are still pushing the Gold Medalist to keep on top of his game and to learn new and more difficult tricks. Louie Vito had an amazing 3rd run and bumped out the Finnish medalist for 3rd place, he also threw a great party after the finals!

Shaun’s dominance and focus has definitely been on the halfpipe these last two years. His performance in Slopestyle was hardly impressive and it is evident that the young blood, such as Sebastien Toutant (AKA: Seb Toots), will be holding the slopestyle reigns for the years to come.

Check out the video below for a recap of the 2011 Winter X Games Superpipe!

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Snowboard Size Calculator

Check out the snowboard sizing calculator on SnowboardSizing.org. This is the best tool out there for finding the correct size of snowboard that you should be riding.

I takes into consideration all the factors that are important such as height, weight, riding style, and ability. It also provides the recommended waist width, which is important so that you dont have your heels and toes hanging over the edge. It even provides the top snowboard choices from this season, with some of the best prices on the web.

Check out the video below and click here to use the snowboard sizing calculator.

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Local Rail Jams – Hyde Park

local rail jam - hyde park boise IdahoOn a rainy Saturday I awoke hung over to my phone blaring with a call. I answered and Guy Midnight of Parrilla Grill in Hyde Park Boise was on the line. He needed me down there ASAP to help. So I crawled out of my bed and wandered down to the historic district nestled beneath the Boise foothills. As I arrived I saw a looming creature in the street. Upon further analysis I determined the creature, a two story scaffolding setup clawing at the sky.

This past Saturday I was enlisted to help setup the 2nd Annual Parrilla Hyde Park Rail Jam for Deck the Hyde, a charity event to raise awareness for the less fortunate during the holiday season, complete with bounce house and fire truck for the kids, food drive, drink specials, free soup for the masses and a rail jam in the streets for the adrenaline enthusiasts. The dudes of Parrilla Grill had been hard at work since 6 in the morning setting up scaffolding for me to arrive and start placing snow for competitors to play on the new Planet Snowtools’ hubba ledge built by Planet’s own Corey McDonald. Some hours rolled by with me slaving in the mist to get the run in, landing and lip dialed in for the display. Eventually the time came and the competitors dropped in and got things going. Jeff Tulloch was on watch with clipboard in hand, judging who would come away with a $200 cash prize. Documenting the event was Mystery District Photographer Derek Weimer and the guys of Avalanche Photography.local rail jam - hyde park boise Idaho

The heats were intense with young guns Logan and Ryan Moyer getting down with all sorts of switch ups. Brenton Stark tried to heat it up with some smooth style and Loren Exon brought the skate influence from the park down the street. But after 40 minutes on the battlefront, Jeff had made his choices for the finals. When all was said and done the confident ease of Pat Miller’s arsenal of tricks landed him in 3rd with $50 in cash, Ryan Moyer’s technical trickery got him 2nd with $100 and the showboating of dark horse Israel Shirk got him a cool $200 for first place. Not bad for an hour of shredding the streets. Unsure if he stuck with the 10% party rule but I’m sure he’ll put it to good use.

By A.J. Ogden

Check out Avalanche Photography’s Website for photos and more on the event: avalanchephotography.com/blog

Get your snowboard event or competition featured on SnowboardHalfpipe.com by writing a short original article and submitting it to info@snowboardhalfpipe.com along with photos or videos. Shred on!

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The North Face Park & Pipe Open Series

The North Face 1st Ever Park and Pipe Open Series

Coming to Northstar® Resort and Waterville Valley

North Face Park and Pipe Series

North Face Park and Pipe Series

The North Face and Mountain Sports International are proud to announce The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series, a two-stop tour featuring ski slopestyle and halfpipe competitions. The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series kicks off January 6-9, 2011 at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort in California and February 17-20, 2011 at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire.

“The North Face is excited to bring its big mountain heritage to the park and pipe competition scene with a series that will inspire up and coming athletes and drive pro level competition,” said Aaron Carpenter, Vice President of Marketing for The North Face.

The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series will dedicate one competition day to halfpipe and two days to slopestyle. Judging will be overall impression based on creativity, degree of difficulty, combinations, variations, style, and amplitude. The competition at Northstar Resort is the last event that will count towards getting an invite to the 2011 Winter X Games, and will count on the Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) points list to qualify for the Halfpipe and Slopestyle FIS World Championships in February. The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series will work in conjunction with the AFP on competition judging, with AFP General Manager and X Games competitor Steele Spence serving as head judge for the series.

“The North Face Park & Pipe Open Series is a great opportunity for amateur and pro riders alike. This is a gateway for amateurs to flow to pro level, and a platform for pros to continue to progress the sport in a fluid, lucrative environment,” said Steele Spence, head judge for The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series and AFP general manager. “The Park and Pipe Open Series brings legitimate ski competition to both sides of the country with Northstar Resort and Waterville Valley being top venues with quality terrain parks; and the AFP is pleased to be involved with the judging and athlete relations for this series.”

“We’re excited to have been selected to host the west coast stop of the inaugural The North Face Park & Pipe Open Series,” said Nadia Guerriero, Director of Events at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort. “We’ve had a great start to the season with all of the recent snowfall, and look forward to welcoming both pro and amateur athletes to Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort in January!” Athlete and media registration for both stops opens Dec. 16, 2010 at 6 p.m. MST at thenorthfaceppos.com.

Article credit: snowboard-mag.com

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US Snowboard Halfpipe Grand Prix 2011

2011 Visa U.S. Halfpipe Grand Prix

U.S. Visa Halfpipe Grand Prix 2011 (Photo: Tom Zikas)

Louie Vito took 1st place in the season’s first Visa U.S. Halfpipe Grand Prix Saturday, Dec. 10th.  landed back to back doubles and other stylish hits in his run, He also took it to the next level by throwing a frontside double 10, cab double 10, stiffie, back 9 and front 10. According to Vito, it was a nice way to kick off another season.

“I’m really stoked. I’m happy to land a run when I had to and start the season off well,” Vito said. “It’s good to have landed and to be on the podium with two of my best friends.”

Vito took the lead with back-to-back doubles in the 1st run which maintained the lead through the entire competition. Also making the podium was Luke Mitrani  from Mammoth, CA, and Olympic bronze medalist Scotty Lago of Seabrook, NH.  According to Vito, with the first one out of the way, he’s ready for the rest of the competition season.

“I’m happy to be back into contests and to shake those pre contest season jitters out of the way. You get rid of the anxiety and remember the feelings you have up there and you’re ready to move forward,” Vito said.

According to Mitrani, the Copper Mountain weather provided a surprise in the form of heavy snow for the competition day, but the crew working on it maintained it well.

For the women. Kaitlyn Farrington of Sun Valley, ID, continues toward becoming the top female snowboarder. Recently she won silver at the Dew Tour and a gold at Winter X Games Europe, but the Saturday competition marked her first win at a Grand Prix.

“I’m super excited. I was so nervous coming in so I’m just glad to walk away having landed both my runs,” Farrington said. “It feels good to walk away with a win.”

Farrington’s run ran air, backside 9, front 7, cab 7, air to fakie, and she had a big reason to be stoked on it.

“It was the first time that I’ve landed the backside 9, so I was stoked just to try it and land it,” Farrington said. “I worked on it a lot last year and I’m happy it all came together this year. It’s a good way to start out the season.”

NBC will air Sunday’s snowboard halfpipe contest Sunday, Dec 12th at 2 p.m. ET.

2011 Visa U.S. Halfpipe Grand Prix
Copper Mountain, CO – Dec. 11, 2010
Snowboard Halfpipe

1. Louie Vito, Sandy, UT, 27.90
2. Luke Mitrani, Mammoth, CA, 26.70
3. Scotty Lago, Seabrook, NH, 25.50
4. Matt Ladley, Steamboat Springs, CO, 25.30
5. JJ Thomas, Golden, CO, 25.00
6. Kohei Kudo, Japan, 24.30
7. Kazuumi Fujita, Japan, 23.70
8. Zack Black, Breckenridge, CO, 22.90
9. Nathan Johnstone, Australia, 22.10
10. Spencer Shaw, Stratton, VT, 21.90
11. Brett Esser, Breckenridge, CO, 21.80
12. Ben Farrow, Mount Holly, VT, 19.90
13. Tore-V. Holvik, Norway, 19.80
14. Kosuke Hosokawa, Japan, 14.10
15. Broc Waring, Edwards, CO, 13.90
16. Greg Bretz, Mammoth, CA, 9.90

1. Kaitlyn Farrington, Sun Valley, ID, 28.30
2.  Kelly Clark, Mt. Snow, VT, 26.80
3. Rana Okada, Japan, 24.20
4. Soko Yamaoka, Japan, 23.40
5. Holly Crawford, Australia, 22.50
6. Queralt Castellet, Spain, 20.90
7. Ellery Hollingsworth, Stratton Mountain, VT, 18.80
8. Sarah Conrad, Canada, 18.10


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Snowboard Competition Schedule

Snowboard Events Schedule – 2011

Below is a list of the best snowboarding competitions happening in 2011. We would love to have coverage of all these events. If you are attending  one of these competitions we would love to have you write up a recap article and we will post it on SnowboardHalfpipe.com! Even get a chance to plug yourself, website or company. Send your article to info@snowboardhalfpipe.com

The 2011 snowboard season is shaping up to be a competitive one, with new leaders like Sebastien Toutant (Seb Toots), Louie Vito and Scotty Lago racing to the top of the standings. Keep checking back for more coverage of these events!

SS: Slope Style | HP: Half Pipe | BM: Big Mountain | BA: Big Air
12/16/2010 Winter Dew Tour Breckenridge, CO SS | HP
01/08/2011 O’Neil Evolution SUI SS | HP | 6STR TTR
01/15/2011 Burton European Open SUI SS | HP | 6STR TTR
01/20/2011 North Face Masters Snowbird, UT BM
01/22/2011 Freeride World Tour Chamonix, SUI BM
01/20/2011 Winter Dew Tour Killington, VT SS | HP
01/27/2011 Winter X Games Aspen, CO SS | HP
01/29/2011 Freeride World Tour St. Moritz, SUI BM
02/01/2011 Burton Canadian Open Calgary, CAN SS | HP | 5STR TTR
02/04/2011 Billabong Air + Style Innsbruck Innsbruck, AUT BA | 6STR TTR
02/06/2011 North Face Masters Crystal, WA BM
02/08/2011 Nescafe Champs Leysin, SUI SS | 6STR TTR
02/10/2011 Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin, UT SS | HP
02/10/2011 Nike 6.0 Air + Style Munich, GER BA | 6STR TTR
02/14/2011 The Oakley Arctic Challenge Oslo, NOR SS | 6STR TTR
02/19/2011 Freeride World Tour Sochi, RUS BM
02/25/2011 River Jump Livigno, ITA BA | SS | 5STR TTR
03/03/2011 North Face Masters (FWT Stop) Kirkwoood, CA BM
03/07/2011 Burton US Open Stratton, VT SS | HP | 6STR TTR
03/11/2011 Ride Shakedown Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GER SS | 4STR TTR
03/12/2011 Freeride World Tour Fieberbrun, AUT BM
03/16/2011 X Games Europe Tignes, FRA SS | HP
03/18/2011 Ride Shakedown Summit at Snowqualmie, CA SS | 4STR TTR
03/19/2011 Freeride World Tour (Finals) Verbier, SUI BM
04/01/2011 Ride Shakedown Mont Saint-Sauveur, CAN SS | 4STR TTR

Share this competition schedule with your fellow riders. Click “LIKE” below >>

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Winter X Games 15 – 2011

Winter X Games 2011

Winter X Games - Shaun White

ESPN just released the dates for Winter X Games fifteen. Over 210 top snow shredders will be competing in snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling in the high-end ski town of Aspen, Colorado for the prestige of winning Winter X Games gold. This will be a special extreme sports event in Aspen, as it’s the 10th year the event has been hosted in this mountain location!

The Winter X Games 15 will take place Jan. 27 – 30, 2011 in Aspen, Colorado. Which is just over 3 1/2 hours driving from the Denver Airport. Or, look for a flight into Eagle County airport and save yourself about 2 hours of driving.

On the other side of the pond, Winter X Europe will take place March 16 – 18, 2011 in Tignes, France.

Over 150 top snow shredders will compete from all over the world in Snowboard and Skiing in France for the 2nd year of Winter X Games Europe.

For the 3rd year, the Winter X Games was ESPN’s most watched action sports event, and over 40 million viewers watched on ESPNs channels and online.

Winter X Games 14 also set a new attendance record in Aspen with over  80,000 spectators over 4 days, beating the previous Aspen attendance record by over 75,000 set in 2007. If you were there, you would have seen people literally sleeping on the lobby floors of hotels and camped out in cars. I was on 4 day energy-drink infused action sports industry party!

Winter X Games Europe was the first Winter X Games outside of the United States  and the event was broadcast live in 8 countries and distributed to 166 countries in total. The  3 day event attracted over 65,000 in attendance for its first year. Which is a great start, since the Euros tend to be behind the trends on the US!

Who do you think will take the snowboard halfpipe this year?

Will Shun White have another set of crazy tricks that no one has ever seen?

Stay up to date on the latest developments of the event at http://espn.go.com/action/

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